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MODAMORE & PARTNERS | مودامور و شركاهم

Your Gate to Inspiration & Creativity #1 Marketplace in MENA. One stop solutions for Strategies and Scale Up, Smart Platform and Mobile App, B2B/B2C

About The Campaign

This round of investment is open for early access deal with a special discount to support and cover the required amount for technical development  to develop the new era of technology, A Smart Platform & Mobile App  integrated with Blockchain technology.

MODAMORE & PARTNERS is an innovative brand that simulates the lifestyle, innovations,  creativity, and the  multicultural  especially in the UAE.


Our Philosophy...

The luxury brands don’t mean an expensive product or only people who can afford to pay for high price, the luxury is about value creation, selling a dream, a feeling, an experience incomparable to another. It’s about providing an intrinsic product value, superior quality, unique, precious, with extraordinary design, and an intangible element related to it—giving the desired dream effect or special feeling, often determined by the exclusive branding or the aspirational lifestyle that the brand embodies.


Moving to Digital Transformation

With moving to digital transformation and smart technology our aim is to provide our clients with a new inspiration with ease of access to innovations and new technology of products & services, the one stop solutions that helps our global industry and regional partners to feature, demonstrate, launching products and creations, that reflects brand core values of "innovations, creativity, excellence, diversity, originality.


To assist our valued customers in searching and accessing certified products and services providers at original cost for both residential and leisure segments.


Our concept offers more freedom to loyal customer to win and discover new shopping experiences/

A New Methodology in Connecting Businesses.


We bring the global luxury partners together across industries to create a powerful Rewards Program (Coalition Luxury Loyalty Rewards Program).


We have an easy-to-use, cost- effective platform that help connect businesses with their customers.


Our bespoke solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of any business, regardless of size or industry.


To be an active player of Loyalty Rewarding Program the MENA market size $5.8 Billions.


Go-to-market strategies –an effective marketing tools and sales channels.


A dedicated 5 business platforms that serve industry partners and loyal customers through Tech enabled launchpads that drive the businesses and marketing ecosystem, to growth and scale up - MENA

What Is Unique / Innovative About Our Business Products & Services ?

Offering industry partners a new methodology of iLoyalty & iMarketing accelerate program with multi benefits to gains new free marketing based on brand engagement, innovations, and demonstration that boost brand awareness and growth.

Today with moving to digital transformation, and new level in connecting businesses, we seeking to launch # 1 premium Marketplace in MENA (MODAMORE & PARTNERS - One stop solutions for strategies and Scale Up, a Smart Platforms and Mobile App targeting B2B and B2C for sales and marketing. 

To manage more than 750 - brands by 5 specialized launchpads in managing: luxury loyalty program, design community, marketing campaigns, e-gift, social media.

Providing a dedicated platform interacting with social businesses, and influencing to support both the businesses and defines high end consumerism and lifestyle, promoting iInnovations and Creativity in the Region.

Society & Engagement

Our strategy, combined the sales and marketing solutions that support  our desired brands. The idea of “ red carpet” concept is dedicated to interact with fashion events, trend, and success story of luxury brands, a platform for art creators and designers, and brands engagement.

What make the idea different unlike other projects

The design community launchpad aims to support fresh graduated designers to showcase their exclusive designs and individual talents to inspire and meet the demands of multicultural clients. This creates more opportunities to conclude deals

A platform to support youth and highlight the talents and help them exchange experiences and access projects, as MODAMORE & PARTNERS (CSR program )

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